January 14, 2007

Erasmus Dictionary

This is a copy past from Karolina's blog just to remeber the good days :)))

I really miss it. It was perfect.

Erasmus/Orgasmus dictionary

Alcohol- liquid consumed in a large quantity by the Orgasmus students, making them walk and talk in alternative way, also this substance helps them to find out and realise original, unconventional ideas

Bus driver – the most crazy person in Portugal. His practical exam is – driving as fast as he can for 10 km. each pedestrian hit is 10 points. He pass above 100 points.

Cleaning ladies – Strange ancient race, which is not able to speak because of vocalisers in their throats, so they have to scream. They have magic powers to make our clothes washed, our residence clean and our alcohol bottles in rooms reported to Ondina telepathically

Door – Those to the residence are the obstacle, which average Orgasmus student can jump above in the time which is much shorter than the security guy can open them.

Evil- Every action which is made against the freedom of the Orgasmus student to do whatever he wants to do. He is on a god damn vacation, isn`t he?

Fernando Pessoa – Our beautiful University, we studied in. It has a beautiful garden, and beautiful rooms inside. And the most beautiful thing is that we don`t have to do so much there, as on our home universities

Great – the word we use to express our feelings about Orgasmus

Hashish- The drug which was never seen in the residence. No one smoked it, and no one even heard of it.

Itler - The way Portuguese people call the German dictator who started the II World War. Ave you eard the istory of Itler?

Joke – Our promised "breakfast" in the residence

Kitchen – The place to eat, talk, dance or brake the table. Also home for quite big family of cockroaches. And not so big group of Romanians

Love- Feeling which was express very often by the Orgasmus among students. especially when hey were drunk, or during the days before they left.

Mess- The phenomena which could be observed mostly in the kitchen, and Karolina`s room.

Night – The time of the activity of the Orgasmus students. When they are going to parties, clubs, watch movies, or just hang around all over the residence.

Orlando- A perfect person, always ready to give Orgasmus some sweets, carry their bags, or let them enter after the allowed time in the night.

Praia de Luz – The place where Orgasmus students exchange their shinny small metal rounds for hot, bronze liquid in small cups.Time to time they try to speak portuguese there with strange results.

Queima- Event which caused many marks, scratches and wounds on Orgasmus bodies, also the results of queima are : a big hangover, and a big smile, when Orgasmus are reminding themselves what they did last night

Residence- Our universe, our total institution which is gathering all the Orgasmus students together causing the overload of madness.

Secret - something like fresh bread in the residence- cannot be keeped for too long

Thaiti, pastelaria - A perfect place to go at 12 o clock in the night to buy a cookie. Actually a perfect place to buy a cookie always. Communication between the owners and Orgasmus is very well even if you don`t know Portuguese and they don`t know English.

Unfair- every grade which Orgasmus gets, which is below his expectations.

Vendetta – Remember, remember the 5th of November

Wake somebody up- The worst thing you can do to Erasmus student. especially before 14 o clock.

Yes- The answer of the Orgasmus student, when asked if he want`s to go for coffee

Zero- the number of days, that Orgasmus students spend like decent, mature, serious people

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karolina said...

Oooh...sweety! I want to be there again! With all of you.
To be woke up in the morning by the cleaning ladies, and go straight to praia da Luz.

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